Sypathetic Guitar FAQ

How much is it?

The ballpark figure, which will change depending on which guitar is used and which turners are used starts about 1,550 USD.

Can the sympathetic arm be set up on my own guitar?

The price for setup on a pre-existing guitar depends on tuners and the particular set up of the instrument (chikari strings and slide style would have varying prices). Once we have finalized the prices, we will post them on this site.

At this time, we require the guitar to be set up in our shop. This can be done on most six string or twelve string acoustice guitars. We recommend that it be at the least a mid-range guitar with good intonation.

They do require some time to set up and settle and we like to keep an eye on them and make sure the adjustments are all running properly. We fine tune the jawari bridge to take off the overactive spots and bring out the underactive spots. These occur differently on every guitar. The guitar would take about two weeks to settle.

Can I do my own setup?

At this time we prefer to do the initial set up here because a jawari bridge needs to be customized for each particular guitar. The rest of the set up is something that can be done by someone who knows how to adjust the guitar’s action with its truss rod. It is very important to us to make sure that the sympathetic strings work to their best potential with the guitar and this means the jawari bridge has to be customized.

How removable is the sympathetic arm?

The sympathetic arm can be removed at will and will require some truss rod adjustment to get the guitar back to regular playing condition. When the sympathetic arm is added again, the guitar will again require truss rod adjustment. The fine tuning of the bridge should be the same, provided the sympathetic arm is going on the same guitar.

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