Hindustani Style Slide Guitar

This is an Indian style slide guitar with 12 sympathetic strings converted it from a Hawaiian (Weissenborn) guitar.

This guitar has a solid spruce top, laminated rosewood back and sides and an ebony tailgate. The sympathetic attachment is made of genuine mahogany and the sympathetic bridge is made of African black wood.

It comes with 2 pickups installed: one inside the sympathetic bridge and one on the bridge plate inside the guitar. These are internally wired to stereo output so that volume and EQ can be adjusted individually.

There are 4 main strings, 2 chikaris and 12 sympathetic strings. The main strings are tuned like a sitar or sarod with a tonic of C. (C G C F) There is a small jawari bridge for the 2 chikari strings. The sympathetics are tuned to whatever raga or scale you are playing.

There is no case included for this price. For $230 extra you can get an excellent Mono M80 Classical/Om acoustic guitar case.