Rudra Veena

The Rudra Veena stringing in the diagram below is for a pitch of G. The pitch is variable from F to A. The string gauges depend on the pitch. In the diagram below, there are 4 fretted main playing strings (pegs #3, #4, #5, #6), 2 Chikari strings, and 2 Jawari strings. There are many different styles of stringing and tuning configurations. Some Rudra Veenas have only 6 or 7 pegs, and some have as many as 10. A DOT below a note means that it sounds in the octave below the mid SA, as found at the seventh fret on the 6th main playing string, or on the 8th chicari string SA. Two DOTS below a note means it sounds in the second octave below.  

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