Sympathetic Guitar

the Godden Sympathetic Guitar
Patent US 61/203,360
applied for 12/23/2008

Godden Music

Godden Music provides fully set up Sympathetic Guitars and can also add a sympathetic harp to your own guitar without any structural alteration. (It is fully removable.)

A Sympathetic Harp is an attachment in the form of a harp that can be fitted to any acoustic guitar giving the instrument sympathetic string response. When fitted and strung, the guitar becomes a sympathetic guitar. The sound of the sympathetic response given by the harp is similar to the sound of a sitar. The guitar can then be set up in regular fretted style, or lap steel [Hindustani slide style] by simply retuning, changing string configuration, or changing string action height.

Here is a sound sample:

(No effects have been added.)

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